Act 71 Suicide Awareness

IU8 Eduplanet 21 Online Learning Institute

In partnership with the Department of Human Services and in response to the requirements of school entities under Act 71 of 2014, IU8 is pleased to offer districts professional development in Act 71 – Youth Suicide Prevention for Educators. This learning is offered through the IU8 Eduplanet 21 Online Learning Platform to provide districts the flexibility in offering the learning at times that is most conducive to the district and its educators.

Click the link above for detailed information and the registration link. Please share this link with all professional educators in buildings serving students in grades 6-12.

Understanding Youth Suicide and Prevention (Act 71)

As of the 2015-2016 school year, districts are required to provide professional development to educators and staff of students grade 6-12 regarding suicide prevention. For each suicide death among young people, there may be as many as 100–200 suicide attempts (McIntosh, 2010). Approximately one out of every 15 high school students attempts suicide each year (CDC, 2010a).

In this learning path, participants will review the prevalence of suicide, risk factors, warning signs, school-related epidemiology, protective factors, and prevention. Participants will be able to complete the four hours of suicide prevention training to meet the requirements set forth in Act 71 of 2014. This law requires school entities to: (1) adopt a youth suicide awareness and prevention policy; and (2) provide ongoing professional development in youth suicide awareness and prevention for professional educators in buildings serving students in grades 6-12.


Discuss the prevalence of suicide and why it occurs; Review the Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Plan; Review possible links to bullying, substance abuse, and sexual orientation; Inventory school policies and resources in your area; Identify and distinguish between risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs; and Recognize resources that can provide support to students at risk for suicide.