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Standing Stone Consulting, Inc
Vice President: Ian Thompson
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In 1999 Standing Stone gathered and concerned group of security, crime prevention, and emergency response experts and began offering their expertise to clients. These consultants had years (an average of 25+) of real world, firsthand experience. Together they had worked on thousands of safety, security, and emergency response applications. In 2001 Standing Stone incorporated and has continued to build its family of conscientious and committed consultants who bring the highest level of expertise to our work. They are dedicated to providing individualized, cost effective solutions that will work in our client’s culture and context. This depth and breadth of experience makes Standing Stone unique in the security and emergency response consulting field. No other company has our capability or our ability to provide such effective solutions from so many different perspectives.

Services Available

Free consultation line and Resource library

We will answer your questions free of charge. Call us at 814-641-7600 we are mission based and like to help!


Dependent on the scope of work. We are consistently among lowest cost and highest value nationally. We are happy to provide a firm fixed price for your project

Safe and Supportive schools implementation and program management services. (we keep you on track and compliant)

SSCI provides the bench strength and support for your safe schools program! Form development, through annual updating, record keeping and reporting! We keep you compliant, informed on track with your goals. With safe school tools and services such as safe schools mentoring, objective reminders, onsite audit support, documentation and access to all the services below! You will have real relationships with real expert local and available. The Outcome of working with us is your district will have a firm handle on safe schools readiness! We will not just prepare you for auditors, more importantly, emergencies!


We evaluate the threats, vulnerabilities and risks to the people, property, educational process and reputation of the School District.

Strategy Development

Our team works closely with the District to identify and develop a multi-disciplinary strategy to mitigate the risks the District is likely to face. There are 10 elements in any comprehensive safety/security/emergency response plan. Having a clear, balanced and integrated strategy for each is key. Our team will partner with District representatives to develop each of these elements into a complete plan.

Threat Assessments

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is required to be based on and contain an All-Hazards Threat Analysis. Threats are those natural, accidental and intentional actions that can cause loss to people, property, the process of education and or the reputation of the District. Our threat analysis provides qualitative and quantitative reasoning for the purposes of ranking threats so that finite resources can be appropriately allocated.

Vulnerability Assessments

Additionally, the EOP must contain a Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis. Vulnerabilities are how susceptible the District is to a threat being carried out. The internationally accepted process of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED, pronounced sep-ted) is used for each space within the school, the school property and even the neighborhood. Additionally, Response enhanced Design (RED) is applied to ensure that security features do not interfere with emergency response. Reports provide an education as to why each area evaluated is important to the overall plan as well as the desired outcomes for that area. The education is flowed by observations, provided in text and photos, as to current conditions and how those conditions can support or detract from the District. Finally opportunities for improvement are given to build on current efforts.

Security Planning

Our team partners with the District, architects and engineers to implement the security design principles of CPTED-RED. Understanding educational, architectural and engineering parlance, Standing Stone can aid in translating the needs of the District in a way that is clear to the other team members. Having a safe schools security planner on the team from the beginning of the project commonly saves a large amount of money and reduces the potential for future change orders. Money is also saved over the lifetime of the building.

Policy and Procedure Review and Development

We provide a thorough review and or development of policies and procedures as they relate to safety, security and emergency response. The team will help align policies and procedures with the current District resources and abilities, current threats and vulnerabilities and the most up to date laws and best practices.

Emergency Management

Our team will ensure that the District’s Emergency Operation Plan is organized, fully up to date, has all required components, and is submitted to all required agencies. To comply with the mandate for annual updates, Standing Stone can ensure that all new laws, guidelines and practices, training updates and drills and other updates (such as phone numbers of key personnel) are implemented.


Training is tailored to the client’s specific needs. Tabletop, partial and full scale exercises are offered by senior level trainers. All classes are designed to be interactive and provide education that can be put into immediate use. We also provide standardized training such as ICS 300 and 400 and ALiCE-Active Shooter training.

Expert Witness

Standing Stone will provide expert testimony in the fields of safety, security and emergency response on behalf of schools