Flight Team

The Region 6 Crisis Flight Team is a support service available to all of the Region 6 (IU08, IU10 and IU11) member school districts. The team is made up of trained individuals who are willing to render aid in response to a school crisis. The Flight Team does not take over responsibility for the response, but rather, lends support, guidance, and suggestions based on their training and expertise. At the conclusion of each day the on-site team conducts a debrief session with the home school leaders to determine whether additional assistance will be required. The main goal of the Flight Team is to help the school regain stability in the wake of a crisis by supporting students and staff members experiencing loss, grief or trauma. The Flight Team also supports the school administrator’s efforts to manage the many details associated with the response to a crisis. The number of flight team members who respond to a building depends on the event and needed follow-up.

When might a flight team be activated?

  • Accidental death or serious injury
  • Suicide
  • Murder
  • Missing child
  • Terminally ill student in the class
  • Trauma (natural disaster, accidents, crime)
  • High coverage media event
  • Other traumatic event

    What does the Crisis Response Team assistance include?

  • Monitoring and counseling for students/staff in need
  • Filling in for building staff so they can deal with the crisis
  • Facilitating community referrals and networking
  • Support rooms for students and/or staff in crisis
  • Crisis management communication and procedural support for building administration 
  • Coping strategy information for building staff
  • Assisting with follow-up needs

School administrators can request Crisis Response Team support by contacting:

Primary contact TIU11: Dr. Brett Gilliland, 2527 US Highway 522 South McVeytown PA 17051, 814-542-2501 ext 192

Primary contact IU08: Judy Moyer, 580 Foot of Ten Rd Duncansville Pa 16635, 814-695-5643 ext 3319

Primary contact IU10: Haylee Hickman, 345 Link Road, West Decatur, PA 16878, 814-342-0884 ext. 3021

For those interested in becoming a member of the TIU flight team, please contact Linda Russo at 814 329-6379 regarding upcoming training for new members.