Rain Public Planning

Company Biography

Captain Garret Rain
Rain Public Planning
9 Clove Lane
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 623 - 2252

Garret Rain is the sole proprietor of Rain Public Planning. He is a consultant with over twenty-nine year's experience in governmental crisis management response, planning, training, drills and exercising. Mr. Rain's public safety experience was well forged in twenty-seven years with the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). In these years, Mr. Rain rose to the rank of Captain, retiring from the PSP May of 2015. Captain Rain has continued work as a private contractor in the public safety planning field. In a CMCG contract with Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), Captain Rain has been advancing school safety planning around the Commonwealth. He has conducted school safety and planning assessments; created model school Emergency Operations Plans; taught best practices in school safety and planning; and lead statewide emergency exercises. Regarding statewide emergency exercises, Captain Rain has lead the school centric elements of PEMA's 2016 Winter Weather Exercise and the 2017 Spring Weather Recovery Experiences.